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Application of magnesium silicate with water

Time:2023-8-28 15:01:04      Click:62

1. Environmental field: After adding water, magnesium silicate can be used to absorb harmful substances such as heavy metal ions in water and purify water quality.

2. Building materials: magnesium silicate can be prepared into concrete additives after adding water to improve the performance of concrete and enhance the wear resistance and durability of the material.

3. Medical field: Magnesium silicate can be used as an intestinal stabilizer after adding water to treat diseases such as diarrhea.

4. Food field: magnesium silicate can be prepared as a food additive after adding water, which is used for thickening, anti-knot and stability.

In short, magnesium silicate after drying with water can effectively increase its chemical activity and adsorption properties, which is a common modification method, and it has a wide range of application prospects in the environment, building materials, medicine and food and other fields.

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